From the energy powering local towns to nutrition impacting those in need, dairy touches more than the gallon nestled inside your fridge. Dairy is an industry, a food group and a livelihood. And those putting their fingerprint on the world are the farmer-owners of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the nation’s largest milk marketing cooperative headquartered in Kansas City, Kan.

DFA is more than 8,000 families strong, which means we have a lot of special stories to tell. So, here we are, telling them in a brand-new way — meet Half & Half, a food magazine celebrating dairy and those who make it.

Beyond the product you pour into your coffee, Half & Half is a platform for farmers to be heard. It’s a space where recipes are created. It’s where transparency lives and people are inspired.

This magazine is more than a coffee table book and a website for recipe ideas, and as you get to know us through our hard copy issues, website and social presence, we hope that’s evident. We’re excited to share a plethora of recipes from our kitchen, for you to make in yours. But above all, we’re grateful to help you get to know the people behind it all.

Get to cooking,

The Editorial Team